List of Major League Baseball Catchers

Complete Baseball Catcher Index (1871-2010)
Bob Uecker to Fritz VonKolnitz
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Uecker, Bob
Ulisney, Mike
Ulrich, George
Unser, Al
Urban, Luke
Vadeboncoeur, Gene
Valentin, Javier
Valentine, Bob
Valentine, Bobby
Valera, Yohanny
Valle, Dave
Valle, Hector
VanDyke, Bill
Van Gorder, Dave
Varitek, Jason
Varney, Pete
Vaughn, Farmer
Velazquez, Freddie
Veltman, Pat
Vick, Ernie
Villanueva, Hector
Virgil, Ozzie Sr.
Virgil, Ozzie Jr.
Visner, Joe
VonKolnitz, Fritz
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Players shown in BLUE are NOT career catchers, but caught at least 1 game in their career

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